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Hey y'all! 

My name is Chelsea! I'm excited you're interested in working with me, and take the next step to becoming a better, stronger, healthier and happier you! Here is a little bit about me and my passion for health and fitness!


Chelsea is an Oklahoma Native. She currently resides in the Big Apple, where she is a Group Fitness instructor at multiple Equinox Locations, a coach and trainer at luxury Gym Solace New York, as well as a  Personal Trainer to many, including celebrities, and Professional Athletes. 


 Chelsea has over ten years of experience in training, specializing in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), CrossFit, Gymnastics, Endurance and Weightlifting.  She takes pride in her training methods. "My programming isn't easy. Each workout is challenging for the most advanced, and easily scaleable for beginner level to still receive an effective, but safe workout." 

I cant wait to begin working wit you! 

- Chels 

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